ok, this is the real deal.

Well, Sacha, I don't ever think that this is going to work if you continue the way you're doing. This blog is for both of us, and I am so SICK and TIRED of you not doing a fucking THING while I do ALL THE WORK here! You're just a lazy, pee drinking, old, smelly, fat, piggy piggy PIG with no reason to live, else than this blog! SO BLOG YOU'RE FUCKING WHORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I HATE YOU! I WILL NEVER BE YOUR FRIEND ANYMORE!!!!! NEVER! YOU DON'T EXCIST TO ME!

i hate you. you fucking whore.

it's so annoying

Ok, this is not a post for YOU guys, this is a post for FUCKING SACHA! You need to blog more! I have written soo many posts, and you haven't written a single one! Pleease, this blog will never work if you continue like this! I already have a blog for myself you know. This blog is for both of us. Understand? Comprende? Blog more.

xoxo Elise

i just wanted to tell you something

Here's a new video for you guys! Hope you like it, and none of this is joking! This entire blog is completely serious.

xoxo Elise

this is sacha

Hello guys! Now I'm going to tell you a little bit about Sacha, so you get to know her. ^_^

First of all, I have to warn you. She is not dangerous, but she can be a little bit scary. When I first met her I was terrified. She was ugly and screaming and she had hair over her entire body. I was forced to go to Gran Canaria with her and her (and my) family, and she haunted me all the time. She followed me around to scare me and rub her ugly hair into my skin. It was sooo gross!! But then, at the end of that vacation, I sat down and took a serious talk with her. I helped her a lot. I told her that a person can not behave like that, and that she had to shave all her hair. I told her that nobody like her if she continue to be like that, and she understood that. So I helped her a lot. I was her Jesus.

Here is Sacha as she was before I helped her:


As you can see, she had a lot of beard and foodrests in it... She was very discusting! But then I thaught her how to shave, and she started to do that. And now she looks better, but she is still a little bit crazy.

But enough of her past. It's not interesting anymore, because it's almost forgotten. Let's talk about now. Now Sacha is crazy, as I said. She is obsessed with tv, and lies in bed all day and watch it. She like the King of Queens, Friends, The Big Bang Theory, Oprah, RachelRay, Ellen DeGeneres, Everybody loves Raymond, Jon & Kate + 8, Kate +8, Desperate Housewives, The Drew Carey Show, Futurama, The Simpsons, Hannah Montana, The Wizards of Waverly Place, Judge Judy, Family Guy, Dance Your Ass Off, The Biggest Loser, LA ink, Miami ink, The Doctors, Top Gear, How I Met your mother, Supersize vs. Superskinny, According to Jim, Two and a half men, The News, Gilmore Girls, Bones, Ghost Whisperer, What Not to Wear, Kell on Earth, Cake Boss, Cops, Felicity, Seinfeld, all football- and handball matches, MacGyver, Scrubs, Greys Anatomy, Veronica Mars, Buffy, The War at Home, Amazing Race, Living with the Kardashians, Life Unexpected, The Vampire Diaries, Criminal Minds, The Closer, Providence, Home and Away, CSI: Miami, CSI: New York, Jackass, Cold Case, CSI:, South Park, Baywatch, Nanny 911, Ugly Betty, Top Model, Sex and the City, My Super Sweet 16, Cribs,  Made, Jersey Shore, The City, The Hills, Beverly Hills 90210, The Planets Funniest Animals, America's Funniest Home Videos, Wipeout, Glamour, Glee, Full House, NCIS, Supernatural, Prison Break, One tree Hill, The OC, Charmed, The Big Cakeoff, etc. That was just a few of them, there is a lot of Norwegian programs she also like to watch. But I will not write them here, because I guess nobody of you have heard of them. :)

Sacha can also be very self-centered and selfish. She wanst attention all the time. It never stops. And if she can't get any attention, SHE WILL KILL YOUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!! GIVE HER ATTENTIOOOOOOOOOOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But that was all her negative sides. I mentioned them first because these are the most important. But she has a few positive sides too! Like... she is... nice. And stuff. She is social. She knows Justin Bieber! She met him on msn (or something) long time before he became famous, and they have talked with eachother at least one time in the week since that. Justin was 12 years old when they met. They are very good friends, and Justin would like her to come and visit him now that he is famous and knows all the celebrities. There are many that Sacha would like to meet, you see. And she is sooo lucky because she really has the chance! I envy her soooo much!

When Justin told Sacha that he had got a contract with some studios and stuff, she didn't believe him at first, but after a while she did, because she KNEW that he was good at singing, and suddenly everybody knew who he was. So now Sacha can say: "Hey, I knew him before he got famous!". They haven't met in real life yet, they are just talking very often at messenger. They are going to meet though, as I said. Isn't that cool? :D

Sooo, yes. This was a little bit about Sacha. But OMG! I almost forgot to give you a picture of her as she is now!

She's easy breezy beautiful.

Yup! Then you've gotten to know Sacha. You'll soon get to know me too, as long as Sacha write something. I don't know when she's gonna do that, because she only watches TV and talk to Justin Bieber all the time. But she will write it soon, I hope. ^_^

xoxo Elise

we love ourselves

Hello our friend in the world who we love very very much. <3 Meh.

Now me and Sacha are lying in the bed, playing some cards, and just relaxing. The clock here in Norway are 23:40, and we have turned our diurnal rhythm upside down. That's not good. Maybe we should get some sleep soon.

But FIRST we wanted to tell you guys a little bit why we're having a blog at all! And why we chose blogg.no, which is a Norwegian blog site.

We wanted to have a blog because the idea just popped into our heads. At the same time, haha. Lol, wtf. We don't just wanna have Norwegian readers, we wanna have readers all over the world! That's why we're writing in English. The reason why whe chose to have our blog at blogg.no, is because we're familiar to that site. It became too much for us if we had to get to know for example blogspot or wordpress. It would take too much time, because you know we're not that smart. It's in the name, birdbrains.

Yeah, this is us. Elise at the left, and Sacha at the right. We are dumb and cool. And sexeh. Yeah.

Tomorrow we're gonna post some new updates, so stay tuned!

- Don't you just simply love us?

xoxo Sacha & Elise

our first videoblog!

Hello guys! Now we have finally got youtube to work, so now we can post our first ever made videoblog! Yaaay!

Don't mind our bad english, it's actually not that easy. If you're from Spain, you'll get my point.

Later we will give you a better presentation of us. We will write about eachother, so that will be exciting. Haha! See you later peeeeeeeeeepz.

xoxo Sacha & Elise

PS! The header is just temporarily! We will have it until we make another one, which will be... better. K, good, cya l8r, bye ALLIGATOR. OMG LOL HAHA WTF.

hey HOE let's go.

Hi, and welcome to our blog. Our names is Sacha and Elise, and we are going to blog about our lives and interests. We're going to upload a lot of videos, so this can be funny! We'll hope you'll continue reading our blog, and stay tuned!

We were supposed to give you a video in this post, but there's something wrong with youtube, we guess, so it's taking about four hours to upload one single video. It's so irritating. But we think the video will come in our next post! So stay tuned there too. :))

AAAAARRRGGGGGHHHH OMG I HATE THIS WEBSITE!!!!!!! It's so fail. It doesn't work to add photos to the posts right now, because there's something wrong. EVERYTHING GOES WRONG FOR US! Ah, well. We'll come up with some new posts later. Stay tuned.

xoxo Sacha and Elise

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Hi guys! This is the blog of Sacha and Elise, and we will often post videos about ourselves and our lives. Sacha farts a lot, haha. So this will be exciting! Haha. are reading this blog NOW

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