hey HOE let's go.

Hi, and welcome to our blog. Our names is Sacha and Elise, and we are going to blog about our lives and interests. We're going to upload a lot of videos, so this can be funny! We'll hope you'll continue reading our blog, and stay tuned!

We were supposed to give you a video in this post, but there's something wrong with youtube, we guess, so it's taking about four hours to upload one single video. It's so irritating. But we think the video will come in our next post! So stay tuned there too. :))

AAAAARRRGGGGGHHHH OMG I HATE THIS WEBSITE!!!!!!! It's so fail. It doesn't work to add photos to the posts right now, because there's something wrong. EVERYTHING GOES WRONG FOR US! Ah, well. We'll come up with some new posts later. Stay tuned.

xoxo Sacha and Elise


Ida Fredrikke

29.des.2010 kl.02:43

where are you from?


29.des.2010 kl.13:00

Ida Fredrikke: We're from Norway, but we have very many international readers, so that's why we write in English. :)

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17, Oslo

Hi guys! This is the blog of Sacha and Elise, and we will often post videos about ourselves and our lives. Sacha farts a lot, haha. So this will be exciting! Haha. are reading this blog NOW

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