our first videoblog!

Hello guys! Now we have finally got youtube to work, so now we can post our first ever made videoblog! Yaaay!

Don't mind our bad english, it's actually not that easy. If you're from Spain, you'll get my point.

Later we will give you a better presentation of us. We will write about eachother, so that will be exciting. Haha! See you later peeeeeeeeeepz.

xoxo Sacha & Elise

PS! The header is just temporarily! We will have it until we make another one, which will be... better. K, good, cya l8r, bye ALLIGATOR. OMG LOL HAHA WTF.

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17, Oslo

Hi guys! This is the blog of Sacha and Elise, and we will often post videos about ourselves and our lives. Sacha farts a lot, haha. So this will be exciting! Haha. are reading this blog NOW

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