we love ourselves

Hello our friend in the world who we love very very much. <3 Meh.

Now me and Sacha are lying in the bed, playing some cards, and just relaxing. The clock here in Norway are 23:40, and we have turned our diurnal rhythm upside down. That's not good. Maybe we should get some sleep soon.

But FIRST we wanted to tell you guys a little bit why we're having a blog at all! And why we chose blogg.no, which is a Norwegian blog site.

We wanted to have a blog because the idea just popped into our heads. At the same time, haha. Lol, wtf. We don't just wanna have Norwegian readers, we wanna have readers all over the world! That's why we're writing in English. The reason why whe chose to have our blog at blogg.no, is because we're familiar to that site. It became too much for us if we had to get to know for example blogspot or wordpress. It would take too much time, because you know we're not that smart. It's in the name, birdbrains.

Yeah, this is us. Elise at the left, and Sacha at the right. We are dumb and cool. And sexeh. Yeah.

Tomorrow we're gonna post some new updates, so stay tuned!

- Don't you just simply love us?

xoxo Sacha & Elise



29.des.2010 kl.00:13

stilig bilde ^^


29.des.2010 kl.00:30

Lykke til da :)
sv: thanks very much! :D you have a very nice blog too :)

E M M A - den blonda♥

29.des.2010 kl.17:17

sv: hihi thanks!


29.des.2010 kl.18:04

sv: tusen takk:))


29.des.2010 kl.18:06

sv: thanks :)


29.des.2010 kl.18:35

sv; HAHAH wtf? x)

grym blogg<:

olivia bjurstrm

29.des.2010 kl.21:44

thank you..?

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