ok, this is the real deal.

Well, Sacha, I don't ever think that this is going to work if you continue the way you're doing. This blog is for both of us, and I am so SICK and TIRED of you not doing a fucking THING while I do ALL THE WORK here! You're just a lazy, pee drinking, old, smelly, fat, piggy piggy PIG with no reason to live, elsethan this blog! SO BLOG YOU'RE FUCKING WHORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I HATE YOU! I WILL NEVER BE YOUR FRIEND ANYMORE!!!!! NEVER! YOU DON'T EXCIST TO ME!

i hate you. you fucking whore.

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17, Oslo

Hi guys! This is the blog of Sacha and Elise, and we will often post videos about ourselves and our lives. Sacha farts a lot, haha. So this will be exciting! Haha. are reading this blog NOW

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