desember 2010

i just wanted to tell you something

Here's a new video for you guys! Hope you like it, and none of this is joking! This entire blog is completely serious. xoxo Elise

this is sacha

Hello guys! Now I'm going to tell youa little bit about Sacha, so you get to know her. ^_^ First of all, I have to warn you. She is not dangerous, but she can be a little bit scary. When I first m...

we love ourselves

Hello our friend in the world who we love very very much. <3 Meh. Now me and Sacha are lying in the bed, playing some cards, and just relaxing. The clock here in Norway are 23:40, and we have t...

our first videoblog!

Hello guys! Now we have finally got youtube to work, so now we can post our first ever made videoblog! Yaaay! Don't mind our bad english, it's actually not that easy. If you're from Spain, you'll ...

hey HOE let's go.

Hi, and welcome to our blog. Our names is Sacha and Elise, and we are going to blog about our lives and interests. We're going to upload a lot of videos, so this can be funny! We'll hope you'll con...


17, Oslo

Hi guys! This is the blog of Sacha and Elise, and we will often post videos about ourselves and our lives. Sacha farts a lot, haha. So this will be exciting! Haha. are reading this blog NOW

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